After this lesson , I found that there are some weakness during the lesson.
Firstly, I found that the sound of the video I played by the computer was unclear . The power of the built in speakers are  low. Then I decided to use a pair of speakers. The pupils of Year 1 D were enjoying the rhyme I played.

    Then, I found that there were few pupils cannot pay attention while the lesson were going on. I tried to ask them some questions from the lyric they read. To solve this problem, I gave them a candy once they gave a correct answer.

    Besides, some pupils failed to follower the writing activities in the air because they are sitting in the bottom of the class. When others put up their hands, their sight were block. To solve this method, I asked the pupils sat in front of the class to continue our activities ~ writing in the air.

    I also found that pupils will lost control when the individual activity was carry out. I tried to ask them sat back on the seat and took out their colour pencils to carry out the activity. I gave my instruction when they were sitting properly on their seat.

    They were enjoying the Word Searching activity. This is a new activity for them. Majority of them can find out the correct answers themselves. There are some candies for them as an encouragement.

    At the end of the lesson, I played some disney song for the pupils as an entertaiment.



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