Lesson plan

English Lesson plan

  1. Class : Year 1 D
  2. Number of Pupils : 45 pupils
  3. Topic : World Of Knowledge
  4. Title : Rhyme ~ London Bridge Is Falling Down
  5. Learning Objective : In the end of the lesson, pupils are able to spelling to words given and able to read the sentences given.
  6. Learning Outcomes : a.) 1.6.1 listen to and enjoy children's songs, rhymes and
                                          b.) 2.2.1 ask WH questions to seek information
                                          c.) 3.3.2 read and understand simple sentences
                                          d.) 4.5.1 spell words that are given to be memorized
  7.  Moral Value : Love the environment
  8. Activities :

a.) teacher play a rhyme ~ London Bridge is Falling Down
b.) pupils to read the lyric after teacher, teacher asked some questions
c.) teacher show the words on the screen, then pupils read together
d.) teacher explain the meaning of the words to the pupils
e.) pupils use their finger to write the words given in the air together
f.) teacher distributed exercise sheet to the pupils
g.) pupils search the words on the exercise sheet with their colour pencil
h.) check the answers with the pupils
i.) spelling are given to the pupils

* sing the songs together with the pupils in the next lesson

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